Top 7 Actionable SEO tactics to ramp up your search traffic


Content is king today! The new algorithms of Google rank websites with high-quality content and penalize websites having low-quality content and have got a lot of content marketers scrambling because earlier they have achieved search engine ranking through black hat SEO techniques focusing only on keywords and not on providing a good quality content which will be useful for the website visitors. Since you cannot cheat the algorithm, having high-quality content and attractive website design that give a compelling user experience is the only way to get into the top 10 results.


Search Engine Optimization has been considered as one of the most pursued and proven marketing strategies to improve revenues for a business. Though everyone can understand the effectiveness of SEO strategy, people tend to get confused as to how and where to start investing time for it and how to select the effective strategy that can give best results. This post will focus on helping in clearing away the misconceptions about SEO. There are various advanced strategies evolved over the past years that can improve search engine ranking and increase search traffic to your website.


  • Enhance and enrich the content


You can extend the utility and usability of your existing content by having in-depth articles. People always try to look for the same information in different ways and hence you can add videos, gifs etc. to enrich the content. For easy understanding of the concept, you can add animation. Telling a story visually is an effective way of generating more content and keeping users on your website. You can also experiment with interactive elements so as to engage the users in polls, votes, getting opinion etc. the life of your content will extend with the help of these tactics and you can get a better return on investment. Having a creative content is necessary as it performs better in any market and can suit any consumer.


  • Be proactive in social media


In case, your website is new, ranking well in the top Google search results can be a daunting task due to your low page authority and domain authority. Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to create awareness is an excellent strategy. Your website can gain credibility over a period of time. Authoritative platforms have high-quality content with optimized keywords, links, readability content length, and more. Making contributions to social platforms like Quora, Slideshare, LinkedIn etc. build your reputation and help in generating good search traffic.


  • Invest in Deep Linking


You can use anchor text to link to other pages of your website. This is called deep linking and is a proven SEO technique. Google’s search algorithms can notice the depth of your site’s web pages because of this and the probability of getting indexed on the search result increases. Getting search visitors to the homepage is easy, but most webmasters underestimate the influence of high-quality internal pages in improving search results. Your landing pages and older blog posts that have valuable content can drive search traffic faster. Linking to internal pages improves the content structure of the website. This enables the web spiders to access your content in a holistic way and get on top of the search results. Fresh content and new information added to the internal pages raises your page authority

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  • Keyword research

Everyone is aware of SEO, including your competitors. Before starting on any optimization activity, analyzing your competitors is a smart move. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can leverage the hard work done by your competitors for getting top rank in Google’s search results. You can do keyword analysis of their website, understand the elements behind their ranking and employ those same keywords for creating a better content. It can help you to test new strategies and the time invested in this activity pays off very well. Instead of assumptions, having concrete data with proven results from your competitors can help you improve your search traffic.

  • Design Mobile-Friendly pages

The rise of the smartphone has increased the access of internet to millions of first-time users. With 60% of users browsing the web through mobile phones, It is imperative that your website performance is optimized for the mobile experience and looks aesthetically good. The latest algorithm changes of Google has implemented ranking factor for mobile friendliness. It is predicted that nearly half of e-commerce purchases happen through mobile. Thus having a mobile webpage is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Make use of advanced design concepts such as Responsive Web Design which enables web pages to adapt to the screen size

  • Focus on Link building

You have to proactively build inbound and outbound links to your website. You can start by linking famous authoritative websites to your site. Your site’s overall trustworthiness can improve when you link to top websites. After a certain period of time, You can approach them to link back to your content that enhances and enriches theirs. They may not respond positively but it is worth the effort.

  • Create a new angle

Having a good content is not enough; it needs to be revamped periodically. You can try to look at the articles in a different perspective and can create new interesting content out of thin air. You can look at the discussions which happened in the forum on a particular article and can take ideas from the discussion points of the users. This will save a lot of time and money. Use a statistic, create an infographic, get an interview with an influencer.

There are multiple ways you can create high-quality content in less time and effort. Threads can be creative and give a new perspective. You can also make use of a poll or an informative video; once you go through the content definitely the threads coming will be completely with a different perspective and full of creativity. For quality content, updating a piece of new information to content will be ideal.