There are three tenants in business. Product – Traffic – & Conversions. Studies have shown that business owners focus more on products/services & have become less aware of key principals to driving traffic & conversions. Moreover with over 30 million businesses established in the US alone, it has become more critical now than ever for companies to establish brand authority. Our experts specialize in Facebook Advertising, allowing your company to be in front of your customers at the right time. Here’s what we do

  • Increase Exposure – Need to convert website visitors?

  • Branded Strategy – Get your brand noticed through the web
  • Ingenuity – We stay on top of our industry to benefit our clients


Start generating a better presence, and turn those visitors into revenue. Facebook Advertising is the best strategy that can separate you from the competition.


Our Facebook Advertising Services

Your brand can benefit a lot from social media marketing strategies especially our Facebook Ad Services. Billions of people make use of Facebook, and are active on it. They make their purchase decisions based on the social media presence of the brand. Many smart brands have greatly exploited the Facebook Ad Services to get a large share of the market and clients.

With our Facebook Ad Services, we will drive those that need your services to your brand.


As a Facebook Ads Agency, we are involved in growing brands. When clients start using us, they usually notice a great amount in their volumes of sales. By using our Facebook Ad services, we greatly optimize your Facebook brand profile, and get your brand to bask in the myriad of benefits that come with paid advertising. There are over two bullion active users on Facebook, which translates to a large number of potential clients, using the social network.

Facebook has become the home of smart brands that want to reach a great number of audience, and convert them into clients.


Are you a beginner in the field of Social Media paid advertising? We have you covered, as we can help you reach greater heights. We will set your Facebook ad campaigns to have a greater positive ROI, as well as lower cost for each sale.


Are you already running Facebook campaigns, but you are not reaching the market you need? Maybe your ROI is not the way you want it to be. You need an Ad Manager like us to cut down on the money spent and increase your ROI.

Facebook ad campaigns continuously becomes advanced every day.

With Facebook Ad Services, we have continuously grown brands, and can help your brand get profits from this important aspect of Social Media Marketing.

To benefit a lot from features like conversion optimization, custom audience, as well as the advanced interest target, there will be need of you to have the advanced software and expertise that Pro Chrome Media has.

We set up your campaign, and ensure it is optimized, then design your graphics, as well as ads. We also install your tracking pixels, monitor key analytics, and run split test audiences.

We ensure your campaign is run efficiently by making changes to the campaign based on the results and analytics.

Facebook Ad Services

We  understand how valuable Facebook has being to brands, and how smart brands in the USA have continuously used Facebook to improve their client base, market share, sales and income. With our Facebook Ad services, you are guaranteed that we will target potential clients that meet your niche services and products based on their demographics.

There are billions of active users on Facebook, and amongst those billions of users are potential clients that, if properly targeted and converted, can greatly move your brand to greater heights.

Facebook is a very cheap and effective means of online marketing that can get you the perfect clients you need. Pro Chrome Media can help you reach local clients around your business that are in need of your products and services.

We target fans of your competitors, craft out an effective e-mail list, target potential clients based on demographics, reach your local market, as well as effectively engage and convert them to loyal clients.

Facebook Ad Services

The benefits of social media marketing can’t be overemphasized, as a lot of smart brands are milking it dry. Smart brands are always on Facebook, trying to get a large market share because Facebook, with its over two billion active users, is a goldmine for smart brands. Be a smart brand, make use of our Facebook Ad Services.

Going on Facebook is not the beginning and end of it. Some brands may have tried to make use of Facebook but have not improved their ROI because they fail to ignore the basic principles of Facebook Ad Services. At City Page, we are different and past records speak for us.


With our latest software, Pro Chrome Media, has been involved in optimizing campaigns, and improving advertising potential of our clients.

Our Facebook campaigns are designed to redirect quality traffic to your brand’s landing page, and the traffic can then be converted to loyal clients. We do this based on those that are more likely to need your products or niche using demographics like location, age, education and lots more.

Facebook has become the home for smart businesses, with a lot of them getting a large market share of clients from the Social Media. Since there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook, there is a great chance that many of your potential clients are there. Being on Facebook is great for a any business, but what would be better is properly using it.

Some businesses have used Facebook Ads to turn their businesses around, while reaching a large number of their target consumers. With the our Facebook advertising services, we ensure that your clients increase greatly by improving your visibility on Facebook. Running a Facebook Ad may be great, but using the right content that can reach and convert your potential clients into clients is very crucial.

We are involved in helping businesses in all businesses professionally alter their online marketing strategies and bringing results in the process.

At Pro Chrome Media, we are involved in improving, from Facebook, referral traffic to your brand’s website. We are also involved in improving your Facebook engagement via boosted, and organic posts. We go further to craft out a solid base of fans and followers that are easily converted to clients. We also collect data about your clients, and use the data to create strategies to retain them. That’s not all, as we are involved in driving conversions via the buyer-stage form of marketing.