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You must provide all the following to be considered for our services. Please look at our rules listed in this page before you enter in any information.

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Pro Chrome Media LLC services is NOT for the Average Business.

We’re glad you’re applying to partner up with Pro Chrome Media, but we need to say this again: it’s not for the average business. We designed the application form to require time, effort and thoughtfulness because we only want you to apply if you really want to partner up with us. And we only want to establish a partnership if you are truly committed to pursuing excellence. If that’s not you, please: don’t waste your time or ours.


You have questions – We have answers

I highly recommend you consider using both SEO (for sustained long term results) and Facebook and/or Adwords for consistent short term leads to maximize your business growth. The cost of this service varies based upon what your ad spend will be however, we charge a flat 20% fee based on that. On average most of our other clients are doing an ad spend of $3000 per month.

You will be sent a project management file. This file will contain all the deliverables along with monthly tasks & you will be notified when certain tasks are completed on a day to day basis.

Every client is priced differently according to the niche difficulty and whether your brand is national or local. Fill out our form about and we will be able to give you accurate pricing.

Typically takes anywhere between 5-8 months varied upon the age of your website & level of difficulty of keywords you are looking to rank for.

Most of my testimonials are provided through LinkedIn. Please feel free to add me as a connection to check them out.