There are three tenants in business. Product – Traffic – & Conversions. Studies have shown that business owners focus more on products/services & have become less aware of key principals to driving traffic & conversions. Moreover with over 30 million businesses established in the US alone, it has become more critical now than ever for companies to establish brand authority. Our experts specialize in web design, allowing your company to make a statement on the web. Here’s what we do

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Start generating a better presence, and turn those visitors into revenue. Web Design is the best strategy that can separate you from the competition.

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Why should you invest in web design?


The days of brick and mortar sales are over. Amazon, the world’s largest online marketing company has more market capitalization than Wal-Mart. Consumer behavior is fast adapting to online purchases. They gather information about products online, contact retailers online and even purchase online. Any company that wants to survive in this internet age needs to have a high quality website. By high-quality means website have to give a compelling user experience and not just use latest technologies and jargons.

Here are the reasons why you should invest in web design, have a look:


  • Web is the first place customers search

93% of customers check the company website before buying a product. Most of them are used to research online, reading product reviews, forming opinions and validating them all right from the comfort of their home. Today’s customers are not fazed by the advertisements and believe only the opinion they form by their research. Therefore having an online presence is not just a marketing channel. It is the first place where you can create awareness about your brand. A website is available to customers 24X7, while you are not. It is the potential first sales point for your company. What impression the customer would have on the product when they see a shoddy website. It is essential to have websites which elicit interest in the customer at first glance.


  • Unattractive website lose customers faster


According to research, 35% of internet users close the website within 0.05 seconds if they don’t like it. There goes your potential customer out of the window. Today’s customers do not have patience and they punish a lopsided website design by diverting their attention elsewhere. It the customers never spend time on your website, they can never get to know about your product or understand what’s unique in yours. An unimpressed customer is unlikely to return to your website or contact you offline for the second opinion. Things as simple as unattractive fonts, boring content, or inappropriate color palette can easily turn them off.


  • Website design creates impression

Customers make an impression about the company by seeing the website. As the old saying goes, appearance is everything. Customers tend to think that if they are able to get a website design right, what good their product would be. They value the company’s credibility based on the website. A good website tells compelling stories about what the company is, what their products are, how they can serve you better than competitors. It tells them why they should consider buying your product. It guides them through every step of the buying decision. It instills confidence in the customers. By having a great user design factors such as fonts, navigation, content, images etc. you can capture the attention of the customer and get them to stay on the website for more time. Websites with broken links create a bad impression about the company.


  • If the website is slow, customers stop browsing


Information overload is not a jargon anymore, it is the real deal. Today’s consumers are bombarded with a huge amount of information which easily overwhelms their processing capacity. So they do not wait for things to happen. For them, every second count. Customer satisfaction drops significantly for every second delay. They shut down the website and look for competitor’s one if the website loading takes more than 3 seconds. 4G and 5G technologies are fast, but if your website is designed badly, even they cannot save you. Nearly 80% of online users never visit the website again if they find the website annoying to load. Site speed is an important factor in Google rankings also.




A website is a 24 hours salesman available to businesses. A good website talks to the customers engage them with interesting content, convinces them of a particular viewpoint, helps them make the right buying decision. It leads to higher brand awareness and effective sales conversion. Businesses should invest in good web design given its numerous advantages. It is part of the digital marketing strategy. A website can improve relationships with customers by getting them to subscribe to newsletters, get business queries from them. Companies can achieve their actionable goals in a reliable way.