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Premier New York SEO Agency – According to Google’s Rankings

Hey, I’m Jose Cruz, owner of Pro Chrome Media, #1 Premier New York SEO Agency according to Google’s search engines.

Have a look for yourself:

Here’s the rundown:

Pro Chrome Media is one of the top up and coming SEO agencies in New York City, and as president, and head of SEO, I aim to see it take its place among the top national and even international agencies, for bringing authority and visibility to only the highest quality brands and businesses.
That’s how our impressive Linkedin “viral” reputation kicked in, landing us #1 in Google’s organic listings.
 Have a look at what just a few of the business owners and CEOs, who are speaking out about Jose and Pro Chrome Media (my New York City digital marketing agency):

But let’s talk about what that means for you.

Because chances are, if you’re looking at this page now, you are one of the top brands or businesses in your field, and you both want, and probably even deserve greater authority and visibility on Google. The issue is, as far as Google is concerned, you “deserve” rankings as about as much as a person going through our legal system!
What I mean is if you go to represent yourself in a SERIOUS legal matter, or if you choose the wrong lawyer to help you, then God help you.
That’s been my experience anyway.
Well, it turns out Google is the same way. And who you choose to blaze the way for you on Google is the same thing as “Deserves” as far as the big G is concerned.
If you qualify as one of the leaders in quality in your field, and you’re committed to taking your Google presence to the next level, fill out our discovery form below:
(You qualify if you’re already spending at least $2,000 per month on advertising, you’re not in either the “get rich quick” or porn industry businesses.)
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Now, How Do We Get Results For You?

Here’s Our 5 Step Cycle For Increasing Our Clients Organic Traffic

Step 1: Complete Analysis

Before we get started with our clients, we love providing them with a full in-depth report on the health of the website and how it stacks up against the competition. We lay out all the opportunities and then go in with our plan of attack strategy to ensure the success of the project. Some of the topics we cover with business owners are the following

Mobile Optimization:

The vast majority of internet users have converted over to mobile devices. Google realizes this and wants to provide rewards for the websites that are mobile optimized.

Page Speed:

There’s no point in driving traffic to a website that takes more than a minute to load. Statistics show that when websites have a slow page loading speed, people are likely to leave the website within the first 10 seconds. Conversion Elements: Does your website implement the NAP policy? (Name, Address, Phone Number) This is how people can locate your business and how Google bots grade your site in a local ranking.  Does your website have a bold CTA at the top of the page? (Call To Action) example: “Give Us A Call Today (555-555-5555)”.

Ranking Elements:

This is where we show you a report card of your web sites health & whether or not it’s gained Google’s trust. Our in-depth analysis not only provides you with more information on your website than you know, we also show you how you can go and make some minor adjustments yourself.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Are you looking to improve your organic rankings in Google?

Increasing your online visibility can mean a lot for your business. By ranking number 1 for your target keyword, you can generate an incredible amount of targeted traffic to your website. In order to boost your chances of improving your search engine rankings, it’s imperative that you learn how to select the right keywords to include in your content. Our experts have learned the intent behind the keywords used by your target customers. Through this, you can follow through with the right content, making sure that your visitors are satisfied with what they see upon landing on your website.

Search Intent Keywords

Intent searching is what the user wants to see after looking up a certain keyword. For example, a user that enters the term “laptops” may be looking for general information about this device. On the other hand, a user that searches for “laptops under $500” has much clearer search intent. As you might imagine, targeting keywords with high search intent lead’s to way better conversions. This is because you can pretty much guarantee that you can deliver what the user wants.

The Search Recommendations

Search recommendations that show up when you are typing something in the Google search box can prove to be a fantastic place to find hidden gems. Since Google are recommending these keywords, you can guarantee that they are being used by your prospective visitors.

Our Proprietary Keyword Research

Ultimately our keyword research increases your chances of improving your search visibility. Focusing on keywords with high search intent can be all you need to boost targeted traffic to your website and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Step 3: On-Page Optimization

On page optimization is a big part of SEO, so it’s important to know what it encompasses and how to better one’s chances of progressing towards a prosperous future where their site ranks.Take a look at what our best practices to approach this form of optimization.

Establish Meta Descriptions

Begin with the meta descriptions as too many site owners ignore this or forget it’s a reality altogether which can lead to abominable results at best. The idea with meta descriptions is to cultivate a small paragraph explaining what is on the page. This description pops up under your listing on Google. You can search up anything on Google, and you will notice these small descriptions under each listing.This meta description will need to be optimized for the keyword you’re hoping to target.

Optimizing URL Structure

The next point of emphasis is going to be the URL structure as that plays a major role in how your ranking as well. You want to target this structure and make sure it has the keyword present. Each page is going to have a separate URL, and that’s where you have to include the keyword that is being targeted. Don’t ignore this as it will have a role to play and many people forget.

Understand Keyword Density

Most site owners will do their research and start finding “good” keywords to target, but won’t understand how to use them. It’s great to have those keywords, and that’s a big step in the right direction, but optimization starts on the site when those keywords are being employed for the betterment of your SEO campaign. This is where keyword density plays a role. These are the ways we make sure your on page SEO is on par with expectations and works out as you want it to. There are many mistakes a person can make, but what you’re doing on the site should not be one of them.

Step 4: White Hat Linking

Are you looking for a time-tested technique to boost your search engine rankings? Take a look at our white hat SEO strategies.

Blog Comments

We choose to take the white hat road and leave topically relevant comments on websites relevant to your content.

Press Releases

When it comes to white hat SEO, we focus on authority news sites. The key is in finding opportunities in the right places. If you have a local business, we narrow down your list to local news authorities.

Broken Link Building

One of the most underutilized techniques in white hat SEO is broken Link building. This involves finding websites with broken links and notifying the authors and giving them your link that will make their content better.

Access To Our Private Network Linking Vault

We have a private network of websites ready to take the authority of your site to the next level. This is our exclusive proprietary method that guarantees ranking over time.

Step 5: Reporting

We send out reports on a DAILY basis, along with Monthly recaps, keeping our clients in the loop with the exact work that getting traffic. It’s that simple.

Why Partner With Our New York SEO Agency?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that you probably hear about everyday in New York City. After all, it has become one of the most important and prevalent forms of marketing for business in today’s digital age. With an increasing number of people using search engines, it is more important than ever to really focus on implementing NY-SEO into your business strategy. Below, we will be going over some of the primary reasons to invest in local New York SEO marketing.

Reasons To Invest In Local NYC-SEO Marketing:

1. Your Competition Is Doing It.

One reason that you are going to want to be sure that you are investing a significant amount of money into your New York SEO marketing strategy is because your competition is likely already doing it. The fact is, you are not going to want to fall behind when it comes to your search engine results because SEO in NYC is such a long play. By falling behind, not only are you going to lose out on a significant amount of potential market share in the short run, but it is also likely to negatively impact your performance in the long run as well. This is because NY-SEO takes a good amount of time in order to actually begin to see it’s effects. Thus, you will need to wait a while before you are able to regain the position from your competition (if you are ever able to do so).

2. Lower Cost Compared To PPC Advertisement.

Another reason to implement this kind of marketing strategy into your overall marketing mix is because it is a cost-efficient marketing solution that you can implement into your business which can offer you massive returns on your total investment. Because SEO in New York City is something that can help your business achieve maximum organic results, it is something that can really propel your business into the black given you are not going to constantly have to pay for leads and other means of making sales. In the end, there are plenty of different reasons as to why you are going to want to invest in New York SEO for your business. Not only is it a great way to maximize your brand’s position on the marketplace, but it can help to increase your returns on investment and make more money in the long run.

3. Increasing Use.

One more main reasons you are going to want to invest in this kind of marketing for your business is because it is being used more than ever before. More consumers in New York are starting with search engines in order to begin their buying process. Because of this, you will need to be sure that you are effectively maximizing your rankings on the search engines in NYC if you actually want to be able to achieve the best possible rankings. With more and more people using search engines than ever before, you should be able to really generate a good amount of results if you were able to increase your rankings to the point where you end up on page one of the results for New York State.

Truth be told, every day that your business isn’t found on the 1st page of Google for targeted lucrative keywords, you are losing out on extra potential profits.

We’ll assist you along the entire way in driving your website to the 1st page of Google so you could also dominate your competition. Our goal at this very moment is to provide you with a free consultation and website analysis in order to provide further direction on how we can take your website from where it’s currently at, and drop it off to the top searches.

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